Spencer King

As a visual artist, Spencer King explores the concept of Light and the refraction of colour in relation to intent. Utilizing sunlight, mirrors, lasers and often little more, his works are subtle, engaging public spaces in ways that are often overlooked. This intention remains constant as gentle intrusions into the public sphere is a guiding principle for King’s behavior as an artist wishing to make statements without necessarily being seen.

Spencer King has been involved with theatre since he was a little boy. His notable roles include David in I Hear You Ride Horses, Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs Nashe in Black Gardenias, Will Scarlett in Robin Hood: King of the Outlaws and Chris in People Grieving. He also appeared in the“D’artagnan Romances” The Three Musketeers, The Four Musketeers and The Man In The Iron Mask. with J2 Productions as well as Oliver! (Dreamcoat) and Talking to Terrorists (GTG). Spencer stage managed The Life and Death of John the Milkman for the GTG. In winter 2014 Spencer received the most coordinated production award at QUONTA and the Stage management award at Theatre Ontario for his work on Glengarry Glen Ross.


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