Win Win Consulting

Win-Win is a consulting firm focused on innovative solutions delivering human-focused solutions with global impact. Founded in 2016, Win-Win utilizes design as a strategic tool advancing our clients’ ability to focus on community needs while creating sustainable results that benefit society. Working is a variety of capacities Win-Win works to establish foundations for systematic and pragmatic frameworks, setting the stage for the creation of experiences that inspire while getting results.

Win-Win approaches consulting from our unique position of being both cultural producers and strategic advisors as our team has a vast amount of experience on both sides; planning and action. We activate cultural programming everyday as artists, designers, advocates, administrators, consultants and curators. Our unique organizational format means our staff are prepared to engage directly with individual artists, architectural projects, urban planning, large-scale organizational planning, municipalities, developers and the various communities that these large systems include and respond to. We are your source for all strategic and cultural development projects.

Currently focused on:

  • Development and Implementation Strategies
  • Activating public spaces
  • Municipal Cultural Plans
  • Image building
  • Cultural tourism
  • Public art policy
  • Developing Cultural RFP processes
  • Marketing and Design
  • Providing strategic leadership
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